Open Research Hybrid Summer School 2023

The LMU Open Science Center organises this hybrid open research summer school to allow early-career researchers to gain more trust in the research that they do, and make it as credible as it can be in the eyes of their peers, the public, and funding agencies.

By joining (or accessing the material after the school), you will learn how to:

  • plan your statistical plans in advance of collecting data to prevent biases in analyses, with the help of preregistration and data simulation;
  • create computationally reproducible workflows so you can be more efficient and spot mistakes in data wrangling or analyses, through programming, creating dynamic reports, and version controlling scripts;
  • share data, materials, codes, and articles appropriately (using Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable principles, sensible data anonymisation techniques, adequate repositories and licences) for your research to have more impact, by allowing others to build upon or replicate your work;
  • follow guidelines to report results adequately and conduct systematic reviews


Funding note

The LMU Open Science Center coordinator, Dr Malika Ihle, organising the summer school, is funded by the Frontier Fund of LMU Munich. The summer school is funded by the Fund for the Promotion of Teaching of LMU Munich. The University Library of LMU Munich provides in-kind support.

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